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January 02 2018


Four Commonly Overlooked Local SEO Factors

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Local search engine optimization (local SEO) can be intricate and touch-and-go. On top of meeting essential demands of the conventional optimization paradigm, local SEO adds a layer adjustment that requires particular attention. Below are four often overlooked components of idaho falls seo.

Reminding consumers to post reviews

A business owner cannot force people to give reviews, but a few ways to encourage patrons and first-time customers to do so is by doing some of the following:

Construct a kiosk in the lobby or near the entrance where people can give reviews.
Hang a sign on the door or counter requesting customers to leave a review.
Have customer service representatives request reviews at the time of a checkout.
Place a QR code on tables or in menus, making it easy to scan and review.
Ensuring NAP consistency and accuracy

The most vital factors of local SEO are the tri-facets comprising the NAP, which are business Name, Address, and Phone number. Search engines and directories validate a business presence by its accurate alignment of NAP items across the localized scope of all available citations. NAP information that is up-to-date and consistent with all online listings elevates ranking.

Building social media accounts that are well-developed

Even without having an official website, local SEO can efficiently sustain a business because many rely more on social media pages to substitute for site visits. Customers may choose to look at a company's Facebook account or business information on TripAdvisor or Yelp instead. The new Google My Business platform is another excellent tool that minimizes the need for a website for a company to thrive with local SEO. However, a business can only experience its benefits by having accurate, consistent, and complete online information.

Directory entries with abundant information for consumers

The findings from a media tracking survey conducted in the last five years reveal that customers want to see the following top 10 pieces of information for local listings:

phone number
the proximity to the area of the site's location
open and close hours
company's name
website's URL
general service or product detail
reviews or rating
comparison of services, features, and other relevant information

An online listing providing tons of information can do a great deal for prospective consumers who view an entry. Optimizing for greater local ranking may require the expertise of professionals, but business owners can benefit from idaho falls seo when done wholly and consistently.

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